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Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
: you worked at cnn for a while? >> guest: six months. c-span: what did you do? >> guest: business news. c-span: why did you leave? >> guest: hated it. c-span: why? >> guest: it wasn't my cup of tea, and i didn't like my boss. c-span: lou dobbs. >> guest: yes. c-span: why? >> guest: i hate to paste him publicly, but i had enough of screamers in my life-time. i didn't want to be screamed at by people anymore. c-span: who are some of the other screamers in television? >> guest: oh, there's lots of screamers in television. it's an abysmal business. you know that, brian. it's actually a great business, but there's a high level of screaming and freneticism and chaos and panic and envy and settling scores. the stakes are high. you're driven by greed and ego. lots of money, lots of ego fed to be on the air, influencing the public. these things are the engine. c-span: did you do any of the screaming? >> guest: sure. c-span: why? >> guest: caught up in the moment. i don't know anybody that hasn't screamed at one time or another in television. maybe one or two people. c-span: craig j. spence
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1